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Much more than just a place for drinks, our featured full menus of fine cuisine range from gourmet wraps to delicacies from the renowned Mediterranean Cuisine.

Mazza are side dishes or appetizers that are made of assortment of little tidbits in small plates. Mazzat bears a resemblance to the antipasti of Italy, the hors d’veures of France, and the tapas of Spain. To think of these small dishes as appetizers is to misunderstand the Arab sulinary sensibility. For the Arab, the notion of a food needed to “open the appetite” is completely foreign. A mazza table can be the entire dinner, thus it is appropriate to come hungry!

At Mazza Luna, we strive to provide a high quality of food at reasonable prices and reliable service for our customers. We want each customer to enjoy visiting our restaurant as much as we will enjoy providing each customer with the caring service they deserve. Every dish is made and served with the utmost care.



The overall great service, snug ambience and appealing Mediterranean dishes make Mazza Luna a great destination, be it for a quick dinner or for a lingering dinner with friends.